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My work is in the California Central Valley.  My business focuses on designing websites for small businesses in Modesto, Turlock, Merced, Oakdale, Salida Ceres and Gustine.  The main focus is providing small businesses with the ability to have a web presence that will allow them to expand and grow their business. Most small businesses do not have the time or resources to manage and grow their business and develop a web presence at the same time.  What is web presence you will ask?.  Many people are probably telling you that all you need is to have someone design you a website and the world wide web will deliver more business than you ever had straight to your door.  This is at best half true.  A website is an important part of your web presence but is is only part of the solution.  There are a lot of things to be considered in maximizing your investment in the web.

Please take a look at the rest of my site to get an better idea of the services I can provide to your business.  If you are interested in discussing your business and how web presence can help improve it please feel free to contact me. 

Website Content

The content of the website is an important part of your web presence.  It needs to be current and show to first time visitors that your business is well established, currently doing business and has what they are looking for.  Equally important is the site needs to be designed so that search engines will find the site no matter what the potential customer is searching for and will rank the site high enough on the search results so that a potential customer will see your web site.  (more)

Directory Integration

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yellow Book provide business directories. By default the search engines may be able to find out your business exists and show your address, phone number and maybe a link to your web site (if you have one).  This presents a poor web presence to people searching for your business.  As part of my work in building your web presence I will work with the appropriate search engines to be sure your business has maximum impact when customers search in a business directory (more)

Website Maintenance

Even the best web site needs some maintenance.  You want to keep the content current with the seasons.  Talk about Christmas or Valentine gift ideas and show special products you may have on sale.  This shows first time and returning visitors that your business is a going concern that is worth coming to.  I can provide you with whatever level of maintenance you may need for your web site.  If you have an existing web site that you have issues with I can also work with you to improve and maintain the site.  (more)

Web Infrastructure

The infrastructure used to host your website is an important consideration in the value you receive on your web presence investment.  I will arrange web hosting packages appropriate for the type of website you want and the web presence services you are using.  Depending on what you need I may be able to get hosting free hosting for your site and if not will insure you are only paying for the services that your individual site needs.  I will also insure your website is designed and implemented to be compatible with the hosting package.  (more)

What's New

Web Site Updates

I have spent a lot of time on my web site and added a lot of content to help educate businesses of the advantages of having a solid web presence. 

New Website

I have just completed the final touches on a web site for Joes Landscape & Concrete in Newman(  I would encourage anyone in the West Side to check out the site and the nursery. See Their Site